Meet the Founders

As most people have heard the idea of Fowl Plains developed around a kitchen table after a few too many Coors Lights. Insert Chase & Cody! Cody has grown up in Kansas his whole life, while Chase guided there for six years. They are best friends and wanted to make a change. They both saw first hand what was happening for the waterfowl industry in central Kansas. So they decided they wanted to create Fowl Plains and provide an experience of a lifetime. Now insert Meghan – the wife of Chase. She has a degree in communications and marketing with a background In business. She is more behind the scenes for Fowl Plains but loves every aspect of the hunting industry. The three of us are very close and often joke that we are , “the three best friends.”

Meet Cody Crook

Photo – Meghan White

 I was born and raised hunting in Central Kansas. I was introduced to my passion of the outdoors at an early age. My dad would take me hunting and fishing with him. I started out guiding whitetail hunts and quickly realized how it was more than just a hunt.  Now I value the memories and new friends just as much as pulling the trigger. It doesn’t matter if it’s chasing down the next feed, watching wads of birds fall into the hole or getting to know the people we share our passion with. I’ve grown to take in and enjoy every aspect of the hunt. 

Meet Chase White

Photo – Buzz Hayes

From an early age I developed a passion for the outdoors. I grew up in Southeast Virginia where I was introduced to waterfowl hunting by my grandfather and my dad. I quickly fell in love with working ducks and geese and watching them fall from the sky.  This passion propelled me to pursue a Bachelors of Science in Organismal Biology. After college I was lucky enough to get my first guiding job in Pike County, Illinois. I then found myself in Kansas where I have guided the last six years. The pursuit of huge flocks of migrating mallards, hordes of specklebelly geese, and wads of lesser Canadas in Kansas is second to none. Chasing waterfowl in Kansas and sharing the blind day in and day out with amazing people from all over the world inspired me to chase the dream of running a top of the line outfitter. Welcome to Fowl Plains, it’s more than just a hunt.

Meet Meghan White

Photo – Christian Dubois

My story is a little different than most outdoor photographers because I started out as a wedding and portrait photographer. I first came to Kansas in 2016, where I immediately fell in love with the scenery and hunting. I started bringing my cameras out on hunts and realized I found a new passion. From that point on I made sure I brought my camera gear with me on every hunt.  I love getting to capture those memories and moments from the blind. It’s more than just a hunt.. it’s more than just a photo… It’s a lifelong memory. 

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