Favorite photos from the 19/20 waterfowl season and why

When we first started Fowl Plains we talked about what we wanted to offer. Not only did we want to provide epic Kansas and duck hunts we wanted to provide an experience. We wanted hunters to arrive in Kansas and feel welcomed. We wanted them to feel right at home with home cooked meals, clean lodge, and epic waterfowl hunts. 

This past season we had some pretty awesome Kansas waterfowl hunts. Here are a view photos from the season and a short explanation from Photographer Meghan. 

Snow geese flying into a kansas waterfowl spread
We had a really epic goose hunt. It was the middle of November. We ended the morning with 122 birds. Definitely an hunt of a lifetime. 
British black lab carrying a goose in his mouth after a epic kansas morning hunt
From that epic Kansas goose hunt this photo was taken. It’s of Jett, Meghan and Chase’s gun dog. 
Introducing the three owners of Fowl Plains – Chase, Meghan and Cody.
Duck hunter carrying a drake mallard
We can say this over and over again but we are beyond thankful for the people we have met through Fowl Plains. Some of those people are the Seguins! Ashleigh, Tim and Joshua came and hunted with us in South East Kansas. We had the greatest time with them. This will always be one of my favorite photos from the season. Seeing Joshua’s excitement was awesome. 
British black lab getting cuddles in the duck blind

When I was taking this photo – I didn’t realize how I would feel when I edited it. Sweet pup with it’s owner. It was cold and snowy. She handed it like a champ. 
British yellow lab admiring his handy work after picking up ducks
See a pattern with dogs? Our good friend Don Scott came and hunted with us in south east. He brought his pup Duke. We had a 9 man limit of ducks that morning. It was pretty epic. 
Kansas duck hunting morning finished with a 9 man limit
Another photo from that epic 9 man limit day. Guide and owner Chase doing a duck clean up! 
Yellow british lab watching geese flying
Talk about a HANDSOME dog! We had a really epic goose hunt and Fergus did an awesome job with goose clean up! 
Geese flying in Kansas
Another favorite from this past season. We had an epic goose hunt with a limit of specks! 
Duck dog in the snow
It might’ve been snowing but that didn’t stop us from a 9 man limit of ducks. 
Lesser goose flying into the Kansas spread
One goal from the season was to work on capturing birds flying. Was pretty stoked with this photo. 
Kansas speckle belly being held by hunting guide
Specks on specks on specks! Who doesn’t love some Kansas goose hunting?
Hunting guide carrying decoys
Another goodie from the season. Our friend Christian was in camp, he was helping set out goose decoys. 
Gun dog retrieving a goose

It was cold, windy and snowing but that didn’t stop us from an epic goose hunt. 

duck hunter holding up two geese
All the smiles! We loved having this crew come up from Louisiana!
Happy hunters giving a thumbs up in the spread
Happy hunters is all we want! 

Happy hunters cheering after a successful hunt
Group in from North Carolina, they were definitely a good time! 
Gun dog carrying a goose in his mouth
Bracken Creek SOK pup putting work in! 
Hunting guide carrying a goose across the field
If you haven’t experienced Kansas for yourself you have no idea how beautiful it. 
Dog trainer retrieving geese
I love love love this photo Alex, from Bracken Creek SOK also putting in the work.
Hunter holding up ducks
Brian has been hunting with us for years. He was on a epic 9 man limit duck hunt. 
Hunter holding up ducks
Ducks, ducks, and more ducks. 
Father and son smiling after a successful waterfowl hunt
Kevin and his son Keegan! Kevin has been hunting with us for a few years. It’s always great having him in camp. 
Hunting guide setting up the decoy spread
Chase admiring the hard work with his decoy placement. 
Kansas hunter petting his dog.
Love love love this photo, the dogs need love in the blind. 
Hunting guide showing hunters a snow goose
I know we aren’t the only ones missing the early mornings in the blind. 
Hunters in Kansas cleaning up birds
Clean up crew after a epic goose hunt. 

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