Central Kansas Waterfowl Prep

Things are in full swing in central Kansas. Chase arrived the beginning of October. For a few weeks Chase and Cody started prepping for our upcoming waterfowl season. 

During a hunt in Kansas a hunter is getting a duck from his lab

They started with our new decoy trailer. We got a custom waterfowl trailer from croft trailer supply in Kansas City.  Then Chase and Cody added a few finishing touches. They added selves for all our socks and silos. As well as wall holders for our luckies. Want to see the whole walk through with our trailer? Check out our Instagram and Facebook page!

On top of getting the trailer ready. They did some final touches to our lodge. We added the bar into the dining room. They also got the guide quarters squared away. 

Blinds have been brushed. As well as color coded for quick and efficient set ups. 

Now onto one of the most important part. Scouting. The guys have been putting a lot of miles on their truck getting spots lined up. We have a lot of ducks and geese in the area. 

Kansas hunting guide scouting ducks and geese

The team here at Fowl Plains is prepped and ready to make this the best season yet! 

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