Central Kansas Smash with Fowl Plains

Bird flying through the sky in central Kansas during a waterfowl hunt

November can be a truly special time for central Kansas waterfowl hunters. This was no different for us here at Fowl Plains. Last year in November we had a tremendous amount of birds in the area. Cody found a good feed a couple days prior to the hunt. As the days went on it became more and more evident that we had found something truly special. Central Kansas gets loaded with specklebelly geese, lesser Canada geese and snow geese. 

Now in a typically central Kansas fall November would bring us our first big push of mallards and big ducks, however last year with it being a little more mild the ducks didn’t show up until later in the season here in central Kansas.

The feed that Cody found was GIANT. We estimated that the feed was holding upwards of 60,000 geese. It was an absolutely monster central Kansas goose hunt. With permission secured and a solid plan put together we looked forward to the next mornings hunt. 

With such a big feed we ended up quite a large spread. We ended up having 14 guns that day, and boy did we need them. Here in Kansas when we chase little geese (I.e. specks, snows and lessers) we utilize full bodies, silhouettes and socks. With close to 200 dozen decoys in the plans we had a lot of work ahead of us before the beautiful Kansas sunrise.

We had to use the UTV and trailer to get all the decoys and clients into the field because of freshly drilled wheat. We do everything we can to respect and treat all of our Kansas farmers land the way they want it to be treated. It took us approximately 1.5 hours to set the spread that morning. 

As the sun rose we get some early shots and some ducks, killing a few mallards and a couple pintails. And then the geese began to arrive. We could see a solid line of geese in the distance, flock after flock. As we sat in anticipation we knew, we knew that this morning in the Kansas dirt was going to be truly spectacular. We started waving the flags and blowing the calls. Specks began to maple leaf in and out of the decoys.

We got some really good shooting in on these early smaller flocks of specks. We started chipping away at the specks, out hunters smiling ear to ear just loving every second of this central Kansas goose hunt. Cody and Chase looked back towards the direction of the roost and the snows and lessers were bearing down on the spread. Jacked up and ready to go, the hunters frantically reloaded their guns and got hidden, preparing for the carnage that was about to ensue. Flock after flock bombed into the decoys, having no idea that anxious hunters were awaiting that ever sought after, shot call. This craziness counted for almost two hours. 

When the dust finally settled, the guys at Fowl Plains were ecstatic, their first 100+ bird day as an outfitter, 122 to be exact. Specks, snows, lessers and ducks. A truly phenomenal hunt. Guides and clients could not be happier. Here in central Kansas is not out of the norm to be able harvest multiple species during a single dry field hunt. Hunts like these are what we strive to accomplish day in and day out here in Kansas, at Fowl Plains. 

central Kansas goose hunt with Fowl Plains

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